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Brooks A. Thomas, C.Ht

Brooks A Thomas C.Ht is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, and Energy Kinesiologist who is dedicated to studying the biological processing of information as it relates to Quantum Field Therapy and Biblical Creation.  After graduating from Christ For The Nations Institute in 2006, Brooks and his wife Tracy moved to their home in Southern Missouri where they eventually founded and directed The Double R Ranch, A Not-For-Profit Organization dedicated to aiding and equipping children and young adults coming out of the foster care system for a brighter future.  During that time Brooks and his wife spent much of their time extensively studying Neuropsychology.  With their newfound knowledge, Brooks and Tracy tailored their mentorship program at The Double R Ranch to address the root cause of Arrested Development in dealing with unresolved emotional conflicts in pre-puberty adolescence.   Brooks would later meet Dr. David L Vickerman D.C. who would then train him in his own methods of balancing the body's energy systems called "Universal Laser Protocol."  Brooks has since derived most of his knowledge and experience from a wide variety of sources from learning Energy Kinesiology Fundamentals; from John Maguire at The Kinesiology Institute to studying the work and protocols of Dr. Hulda Clark N.D., Dr. Milton H Erickson M.D., and Dr. Richard Bandler just to name a few.  Brooks A Thomas is a current member in good standing with the International Certification Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and with his combined knowledge and experience is well equipped to aid you in making the lifestyle changes you need to make in order to create a life of optimal health and success. 

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